Lonesome Tonight

March 25, 2011
By jake2011 DIAMOND, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
jake2011 DIAMOND, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
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I’d give all the money
In the whole world
To have the sweet touch
Of a good lovin’ girl
Right now, oh yeah
But I’m so lonesome tonight

Being alone
Has never hurt so bad
But ever since that day
It’s gotten worse and worse

I’m all out of tears
And if I had any
They would be coming out my eyes
All night long
Until they were all gone

Chorus 1x

I’m sitting here alone tonight
My heart is still broken
And you’re still gone
I’m feeling like Hank sang
I’m so lonesome I could cry

Chorus 1x

I don’t know if I’ll get better
Or if my heart will ever completely mend
But I think it will need some company
To get over you

Chorus 1x

Oh, I know that
I will see you again someday, somewhere
I’ll be waiting for that day
When I won’t be lonesome no more

Chorus 1x

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