Letter To You

March 25, 2011
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I’m sitting here tonight
Thinkin’ about what I want to say
So many possibilities
So many things I could say

I’m just staring at this blank page
But I don’t know how
To write everything
That I want to say

I’m trying to write
A letter to you
But I don’t know how to say
Everything I’m thinking right now
It’s driving me insane
This blank white page is
I wish my hand would just write
This letter to you

So many questions to ask
I guess I’ll start with “Why?”
Oh, but that doesn’t seem right
Oh, there’s just to many questions

It’s been so long
Since the last time we talked
So I don’t know how to start
Writing this letter to you

Chorus 1x

Now I have your name written down
But that’s about it
My mind is going blank
I never thought it’d be this hard

I’m so dang tired of thinking
And I could fall asleep in this pile
Of crumpled up failed letters to you
But I keep staring at another blank white page

Chorus 1x

The sun is starting to come up now
And the page is still blank
I just can’t write
This letter to you tonight

Oh, but tomorrow I’ll try again
To write this letter to you
One of these days it will come
And I’ll finally have written a letter to you

Chorus 1x

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