I've Got All Night

March 25, 2011
By jake2011 DIAMOND, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
jake2011 DIAMOND, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
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Thoughts of you
Fill my sleepless nights
You are always there
No matter what I try to do
To get you out
Of my mind

I stay up all night
Just thinking about you
There’s nothing else I can do
Once you are in my mind
I can’t get you out
Oh, I have tried

I’ve got all night
Thinkin’ of you
That’s the way it usually is
Ever since you left me girl
You’re all I can think about
Everytime the sun goes down
‘Cause then I’m always alone
Until your memories come back to me
And then I’ll be up all night
Thinkin’ of you

It’s been hard
Getting over you has
Your memory constantly follows me
And nothing seems to help
The tears seem to make it worse
And they come all the time

The days are bearable
But the nights are like hell
Why’d you have to leave me girl
It’s like you never loved me at all
Oh, I’m trying to survive
With you always on my mind

Chorus 1x

One of these days, girl
I’ll get over you
Then I will be able to sleep
And live my life again
But until that day comes
I’m living with you on my mind

Chorus 1x

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