Piece of My Heart

March 25, 2011
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You are gone
And I still can’t believe that
Everytime I think of you
I go back to all the times we had
All the good
And all the bad

My heart is still broke
But it will heal
In time it will come back together
But I’ll be missing a small piece
A small piece that belongs to you
I won’t ever get the piece back

I’ll be missing a small piece of my heart
For the rest of my life
‘Cause you took it with you
But that’s okay by me
That missing hole in my heart
Will remind me of you
And all the memories
All because of that
Little piece of my heart

When I saw
Your lifeless body for the first time
I broke down and cried
I couldn’t help myself
That was my first good cry
Since I heard you had died

They had you dressed up
In clothes you never really wear
Your face looked at peace
And that made me smile
For the first time in a long time

‘Cause I know you are
At more than peace
You are having a great time
With God in heaven
And that’s a good reason to smile

Chorus 1x

I wish you were back with us
But I know you wouldn’t
Want to leave heaven
Even if you could
And that’ fine by me
Soon I’ll be with you for eternity

Chorus 1x

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