Hello Mr. Worker, Sir

March 21, 2011
By lissalou1.2. PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
lissalou1.2. PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
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Hello Mr. Worker, Sir,
I’d like to establish myself—
I’m the girl on the sidewalk,
The kid on the street,
And the child who’s been missing,
Lost in self-defeat.
I suppose I got distracted,
I’m afraid I’ve lost my way.
I danced in the rain, for too long I fear,
Till it stopped one sudden day.
And now I’m standing here,
Lost and all alone—
I was just hoping, that you’d help me now,
I was hoping you would care.
Life’s been hard and trying,
I’ve found it quite unfair.
Indeed I’m very sorry,
So sorry things do end.
Oh do listen Mr. Worker, Sir,
I see you're busy now.
I wonder dear, do you have time,
To even take a breath?
I understand, I’m in your way,
I’m like a plague of death.
Disruptive has my presence been,
An annoyance, and a waste.
A repulsion to your eyes, I am
See I’ve fallen from your grace.
I knew you’d tell me, I knew you’d hate—
Insanities got a price.
You’ve been so wrong, Mr. Worker, Sir,
You know me all too well.
But you’ve read me wrong, so wrong you see,
Heartbreaks not my game.
You cannot hurt me, but you cant not care,
So something else is wrong.
You’ve been lost in life’s defeat,
And disposed of me, a friend.
So tell me love, what’s got you down,
What’s got you so sad, so blue.
For I fear my dear, blues arent for you,
Its not your type of tune.

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