Guardian Angel

March 21, 2011
By OMGaPINKturtle BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
OMGaPINKturtle BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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Verse 1:Blood trickles down her arm/She's so calm/when she cuts it's like she ain't doing no harm/wrong/so far gone/she thought she was forgiving all her sins/she was weak/no one was there/God's the only one she needed/she cant find Him/cause every time she wants to go to Church/her father's locked in jail/and momma's gotta bottle next to her/so she goes upstairs to get away and opened daddy's door/1911 smith & wesson lyin on the floor/she cocked the single action/finger on the trigger/the blood from the cuts was beginning to grow thicker/the stench of the house was of weed and cheap liquor/the evil that the devil provoked was gonna trick her/quicker/but every breath she took just made her sicker/the flash of the gun was the end to all the madness/her message written in blood on the wall/shows the sadness/blackness/tragic..

chorus: Dry your eyes/shes in the sky/grew angel wings/i can hear her singin/oooooo and i know she is my guardian angel, angel/ x2

The author's comments:
i wrote this about my best friend who took her own life. many tears were let out while writing this song. Thank you for reading. i hope u can feel the pain that she did.
Im trying to take you there. On a trip and back.

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