Omitting My Confessions

March 21, 2011
By lissalou1.2. PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
lissalou1.2. PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
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"No snowflake in an avalanche ever felt responsible." -Voltaire

PART I of Omitting My Confessions

Theres a monster in my closet,
a ghost outside my door,
Bloody Marys in my mirror,
poor soul, she's pretty bored.
but my life is missing something,
a man between my sheets,
echos promise nothing,
just remind me of what could be..

[ refrain: ]
So call me lonely tonight,
call it anything you will.
call it individuality,
cause trust me I've had my fill
call it a reason to dream,
and act the way I do,
but call me lonely tonight,
until the mornings new.

I'm so completely surrounded,
by these faces I hardly know,
they try to understand you,
but fools are just your foe.
they're all so insecure,
yet they act so real it's fake.
you should try to act this way,
do your makeup, peice of cake.

[ refrain ]
So call me heartless tonight,
call it anything you will.
call it individuality,
cause trust me I've had my fill.
Call it a reason to want more,
and act the way I do,
but call me heartless, call me lonely,
until the mornings new.

so why's my compass pointing me,
towards the closet, towards my door,
why's it telling me that Mary,
is deep down wanting more?
cause none of these things have held my answer,
not even the right key,
and I'm surronded and feeling lonely,
won't you call me tonight?

[ refrain ]
please call me lonely tonight,
I feel so in disguise...
so call me lonely tonight,
i've been your rock in hard, hard places
and I know these things are sins,
but I'm ommitting my confessions,
cause it's a freebe on my test,
and I'm failing anyways
my name tag's feeling empty,
so lonely tonight...
I'm looking for a reason,
to cause a little mayhem.

I've got a monster in my closet,
and he's looking for a friend,
theres a ghost outside my door,
with relationships to mend
{speed up}
Bloody Mary has nothing to do,
poor soul, she's pretty bored tonight,
and they all seem so forgotten,
yet so hard to just ignore...
{repeat last two lines}

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