Burn Marks and Polka Dot Stains

March 21, 2011
By lissalou1.2. PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
lissalou1.2. PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
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"No snowflake in an avalanche ever felt responsible." -Voltaire

Flame in the candle;
don't burn out, don't burn out.
Fell asleep in silk sheets,
and tears, tears stained them.

Left the window open,
just to feel the breeze, blowing
But there was a storm;
natures in my house (ohh)

Ivy walls, greenery,
all the things, we should be,
leaves are on my furniture,
dying, dying--

Had a dream time was going quicker,
woke up, found it all gone,
figured out its not just in my mind.

Children running around outside,
running, running.. screaming--
knowing not one day,
one day it'll be for their life.

Funny how you find out,
trees will come to harm you.
Over grown the concrete,
surround you with beauty and pain.


Candle with a flame
and it burned out, burned out.
Silk sheets looking shabby,
with burned marks and polka dot stains.

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