March 22, 2011
By , Simpsonville, SC
Grant me the courtesy,
of knowing what i did to you.
Cause you know im so confused.
Grant me the priviledge,
of knowing what good will come from this.
Cause right now i feel so used.

I can't run away from you.
I can't try and escape the truth.
You know I'll never wanna be just friends.
But i guess thats alright, if i make it to the end.

Oh no you didnt, think that would work.
Oh no you didnt, think that would work.
You must be so oblivious of everyone but you,
To not know, that cheaters always lose.

This is where i come out,
speak of all my doubts,
yeah we had our flaws,
but we could work to work them out.
We were oh so right,
our future oh so bright,
you kicked me out your life,
and i left without a fight.
Now i'm barely breathing,
and can barely see things,
you thought that you had won,
but now i'm getting even.
This feelings so familiar,
so stupid similar,
to being alone,
and now i'm on my own.


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