When I See You

March 16, 2011
By KatieMichelle BRONZE, Beaufort, South Carolina
KatieMichelle BRONZE, Beaufort, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Dreams are like stars, you man never touch them...but they will always be there"
"I'm going to be the one that takes the road less traveled by.."
"Life is like a box of chocolates you man never know what you pick"

When I look you in the eyes
I see my future flash
I see us together
Both holding hands
I can’t help but wish
That dream would come true
Because darlings it’s true
I’ve always been in love with you

When I cry
You hold me, comfort me,
You tell me it will all be alright
And just like that
My fears vanish out of sight
Darling you’re my only one
My only reason for trying

I love you
I need you
You’re my cause
The reason why I breathe
We’ve both been through
Tough times and sad ones
We’ve gone through them together
And that’s how I know
Were meant to be together
I had that dream of you and me
Walking downtown the other day
Laughing, talking, and hands intertwined

I can’t help, but to wish
That you were truly mine
I laugh at your jokes
I hold you when you’re tired
I mess with your hair when I’m bored
But most of all I love the things you do
You’re not afraid to
Flick me, or play around to
You don’t hurt me intentionally
I say I love you out of the blue
And so do you

You make me laugh
When I want to cry
Make me smile when I want to scream
Darling, you’re my everything
I’ll miss you when the time comes to say goodbye
But darling please keep in mind
The person you fall in love with is right here on this earth
You just have to find her
Perhaps I may even be her
I wish I was her
But darling

You may never know
Unless you try
I wish you would try
Try with all our might
Dedication does pay off
In the end of everything
And darling perhaps
You are my everything
Wish I could be yours

I wish you could hold me
Tell me you’ll come back
I keep that in my heart
Block what my mind says
I know you care
I know you love me
But I wish you could try
I know I’m trying
But I’m getting tired

I feel as if I’m invisible
But I refuse to stop trying
I know if I stop
I’ll lose you forever
I can’t afford that
You don’t need her
I’m not saying I’m better
But if you had to choose
Choose me
At least then you’ll know
You’ll never be
Heart broken

When I had that dream
Of you and me
Walking, talking, laughing, hands intertwined together
That could be us
Would be us
If there was an us
I wish there was an us…

The author's comments:
These lyrics came from my own emotions and how i felt at the time, and i was inspired to write this. Once my pen touched the paper the words wouldn't stop flowing.

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