Left Behind

March 18, 2011
By WriterFlirt32 GOLD, Zionsville, Indiana
WriterFlirt32 GOLD, Zionsville, Indiana
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Promises weren't meant for breaking I keep a smile on my face, but you know I'm faking and now I've got to move on for this journey that I'm all for taking now. I used to smile the whole day and when trouble came you saved the day I should've known you would fly away leaving your Lois Lane behind.
Chorus:Falling for you meant just more pain Superheroes weren't made to save today, breaking hearts and fading days all because you left me behind.
My friends try to save me my parents try to help me, but they don't succeed, tears I cried for you pain I felt for you and sorries that went unspoken today and yesterday.
Falling for you meant just more pain superheroes weren't made to save today, broken hearts and fading days all because you left me behind.
Happiness evades me and the ocean is waving and this is the last I'll cry over being left behind, you left me behind.

The author's comments:
I couldn't get to sleep and I decided to write this for a friend who keeps getting his heartbroken and ,for a lack of better term, left behind. I hope that people will read this and know you aren't alone when you're left behind, there is just one more way you can relate to others.

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