Addicted to Love

March 8, 2011
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A warm, fuzzy feeling fills my veins,
I'm feeling as if I'm going insane.
This calm wave of nothingness simply controls me,
and it is the only thing that still sets me free.
I am floating on a cloud,
is my heart beating aloud?
Without it, I feel as if my brain has defect,
I'm itching for this satisfaction and nausea is a side effect.
Addiction. Confliction. Affliction. Constricted.
It is a substance in my soul that will never be evicted.
This ultimate high I wish to never rid,
as it runs through my system I'm looking quite stupid.
Addicted to love as if it were a drug,
and the feeling resembles a tight bear hug.
As the love in my system starts running on "E",
I start to remember who is the real me.

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