Crazy Beautiful

March 6, 2011
The way your voice melts the air
The way you couldn't even care
The way your smile brightens the light
The way it couldn't be more right
All the while you wander alone
When to be with me
You could just pick up a phone

I love watching you smile
I'd sit and stare awhile
I can almost taste your kiss
When i watch you move your lips
My heart holds you, it's full
Because your crazy beautiful
It's you I adore
Everyday I want you more
It will be fine, to be mine
I love you crazy beautiful

Show me the way to your heart
The maze, I'll gladly start
Ask me to dance
But catch me if I faint
Hold me in your arms
This is fate
Your the prince
I'm the princess
Be my romeo
And don't go
I hold you in my arms
You're captured in my heart
Take me away
Crazy beautiful
I love you more than I should
But I think the feeling's good
Oh baby
If maybe
You could be my crazy beautiful

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sportsycrystal said...
Apr. 5, 2011 at 6:49 pm
I really love your song, Crazy Beautiful. It's touching and sweet to the heart. Keep writing
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