Where I Go

March 8, 2011
When everything is falling apart
And nothing is what I thought
It should’ve been,
There’s a place in my mind
Where I can find
Some peace within.
So I take a deep breath,
Forget the world,
and disappear.
But nobody knows where I go.

High on a mountain.
I can see for miles.
The big city buildings
stretch to the sky.
Everyone’s got somewhere to be.
In a rush they flood the street.
Just outside the city walls
Everything is swallowed
by a wave of green
breaking at my feet.
I watch the sun climb
over the horizon
into a pink and orange sky.

And I can just stand there
And take it all in.
I’ve left the world behind.
Feel something change within.
I’m in a place where I belong.
Nothing can go wrong.

But if anyone knew
they’d drag me away
So I’ll never tell
Where I go.
Where I go.

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