I Don't Think I'm In Love With You

March 6, 2011
You better hold my hand for this
And please forget about the kiss
Come closer, I need to whisper in your ear
This is something, I must make sure you hear
Honey don't take it personal

But lately there's been a lot on my mind
Some feelings getting hard to find
I still wanna be your friend
If it all works out in the end
But I just can't lie, it's true
I don't think I'm in love with you

I just kind of guessed
That it would be for the best
There's lots of other fish in the sea
Someone new for you and me
I promise, no regrets, for awhile it was fun
But now it's like shooting an unloaded gun
And what's the point of nothing
There is none
But were still so close
And as time goes by
We're gonna make the most
I just don't think
And it's hard to say
And I've really never felt this way
In the end
You're still my friend
But right now
All we're doing is playing a game
It's time for someone to lose
I don't think I'm in love with you

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