A Song Where You Are

March 4, 2011
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Theres a song

at the back of my soul

on the tip of my understanding

that i desperately need to say

i can't quite reach it

but i know its there

Theres a voice

wispering quiet wisdom

just beyond my comprehension

that i desperately need to hear

i can't quite reach it

but i know its there

so i listen to the silence

as i feel it, but never understand

i come to a conclusion

that if i bask in this wonder

this perfect song

that sits in the back

of every mans soul

i feel the driving beat

of a God of the universe

whose infinite love

is more of a complexity

than anything my understanding

could ever gaze upon

a beautiful song

this song,

its a fight song

its a love song

its a song to reach out

to those lost in despair

its a song of hope

its a song with voice

its rings from the depths of the ocean

to the the heights of the atmosphere

i cant quite place it

but i know its there

There is a light

flickering just beyond my sight

a beatiful redemption on the horizon

i can almost see it

and i know its there

You are there

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