The End

March 2, 2011
If this is how it ends,
then I'm alright with it,
you'll never see me cry,
alone in the darkness of the night,
the emptiness creeps inside my body,
from every corner of my room.

I'll never be the same again.

I'll watch the sun meet the earth,
like an unforseen kiss,
but only from a distance.

My life rotates slowly,
as it's played for everyone to watch,
I long for it to skip,
to become something I'm not,
to almost become unreal.
I wait for it to stop,
on a part I've dreamed for,
for so long,
just waiting for it to be perfect,
to end my life right,
to make it worth the endless journey.

I'll shove MY key into "destiny"
and watch the world take

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