March 2, 2011
I look in the mirror and see a lonesome figure she looks so bitter with her smile making litter her mood so miserable and her reflection is hating with her has killer thoughts with scissor cuts she reconsiders she literally doesn’t have the guts to live another day hey alone there’s no way she can find a way to stay at this rate, she’ll just die out of this phase she chased her dream and a nightmare took its place she became so overwhelmed with her work and her studies her obsessions was so bizerk it just got rid of her buddies one by one, all these lonely people were taken from me why won’t they come see the wreck I am I’m such a dummy where are those people that said they would look after me that would never leave my side so I could live happily why did this travesty have to happen on the dead end of insanity this is such a tragedy. I had everything I wanted but it just wasn’t enough I had so my life went amuck now I’m stuck in a hole and the sky’s the only thing that’s what’s up just my luck I had the best life now it sucks it’s like being stuck by lightning twice in a row the first time was a new experience but the second was the end of the world I won’t compline all this time has given me a chance to grow but I can’t share my wisdom since it’s just me all alone I can honestly say I’ve never made a mistake in my life but I guess this is the only time it doesn’t pay to be right I’m always in control of what I do and I did it I just know it would make me feel so timid and acidic if my life’s a movie I guess I’m living a snippet I’m so young and alive but I have never felt vivid life is cynical since it’s a sin to be brilliant I’d give anything up to feel friendship such an adorable feeling the bad thing about dreaming is once you wake up its all different it’s not the same scenario and not the same people are in it you inhibit a spiritual world where you only hear what is written and there’s no manners since all your speaking is just spitting times ticking away but I only get a glimpse of the day they say life’s a breeze it’s not that simple okay think of the range of emptiness I feel on a daily basis clothes can’t cover how naked I feel I hate this life is clumsy and I just keep breaking it if we could all agree that satin is an atheist wouldn’t we all get along instead of just faking it we wouldn’t have violence or chickens hating chicks I feel like Chamberlin but I’m so lonely if only I could go back and chill with my homeys I love you heck I know it sounds corny but I never thought this was the life god had for me

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