Every Day Struggle

February 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Street dwellers hailed
Violence prevails
Triple bean scales
No money for bail
Our brothers in jail
For cocaine sales
Letters through the mail
Judged as one who failed

Street dreams alive
The ghetto youth’s pride
Cops and snitches allied
Convictions publicized
No one there to guide
Young men who must provide
In prison they now reside
Chances of being lawyers died

A Young girl with a body grown
Hustlers who want to bone
Pimps who want to own
Girl makes a living to moan
No man in her home
Her children left alone
Now DCF is on the phone
They harass and she groans

A young boy who’s smart but lost
Who tries so hard he’s at exhaust
From his own parents he feels frost
They don’t realize their future boss
His life he’s readily willing to toss
To be loved like Jesus on a cross

The victims ourselves
This living is bad for health
Thinking and hoping we’ll excel
Every day we go through hell
This system thrown us in a well
Left us while for help we yell
Our stories schools don’t tell

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