March 3, 2011
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I’m in love with the man above
I pray every night that the world will just get
A little bit right, but deep down in side
You know we about to get into a fight,
Every night I fight for what’s rightfully mine
But inside I’m so scared that world,
Will just come down and bite.
I feel so lost and confused
Sometimes I go down
And don’t ever want to be found.
Every night I ask myself
Do I deserve what I got
My life folded like a blanket on the dot.
Sometimes life gets so hard
it folds out so randomly like I’m playing cards.
I get so caught up in all the bulls*** around me
And forget about the things that actually matter to me.
I fall down and don’t ever want to get up
I ask god everyday if he can feel my purple and white cup.
I’m always reaching for those stars
I try to set my potential to the highest bar
Every day is like a new beginning
As I’m writing this paper I’m playing baseball
In the second inning.
I’m always dreaming about life and
How it’s going to fold out
But deep down I feel all this anger inside me
You see
All I want is for it get out of my personality
Sometimes I do stuff just to get by
But inside I feel as if the world
Is about to lie down and die.

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