Opened Wound

February 26, 2011
By Bombboy SILVER, Wheaton, Illinois
Bombboy SILVER, Wheaton, Illinois
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"I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever." (Catching Fire, Collins)

Verse: Have you ever felt so much pain in your life,
Do you wish you could redo it all over and stop stabbing yourself with a knife,
This pain I'm feeling is a wound that I can't heal,
Yet you'll be here for me,
This wound is an opened wound,

Chorus: My tears have been replaced with blood,
It's a giant hole in my chest,
You never helped me,
This pain is too much for me to handle,
It's something you can't describe,
You had never loved me,
It's an opened wound,

Verse: If you guys only understood; of what I'm going through,
I was about to throw my life away,
But it was then you found me bleeding on the side of the road,
I was on a ship of Death; but you took away all the load that was on me,
It's called an opened wound,

Bridge: I'm suffering the pain,
It's something that can't be described,
I'm opening up my wound,
I now have an opened wound,
And I found something that will heal me,
The opened wound is no longer with me,

Chorus: All my blood and tears I shed,
Are gone,
I'm getting help from you,
The giant hole in my chest is gone,
I'm feeling no pain,
You said you love me,
(the opened wound I had is no longer with me,
No more pain, It's all gone,) (x2)

The author's comments:
My friend had picked this title so I created a song out of that title and I showed it to her and she loved it! And I hope when people read this song will love it also.

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