this time

February 12, 2011
You’re sitting there in your old blue jeans
You look up and smile at me
And I don’t love this feeling
Of loving you

It’s been a while since we said goodbye
And sometimes I still feel like crying
When I think about you
Think of me without you

So I close my eyes and count to to ten
And take a step back and your there again
I wish that you would just make up your mind
What will it be this time?

Well I don’t know how you got here
Or why you won’t stay gone
All I know right now is that
This wont last for long

Your standing here and you hold my hand
And it should be black and white
I know right now its simple
But I’ll hate myself tonight

Because when I close my eyes and count to ten,
And take a step back you’ll be gone again
Deep down I know that you’ve made up your mind
And it’s not me this time

And I don’t think that it’s fair
To keep me hanging on a thread
So next time that you come around I wont
Let you get inside of my head

And you’ll realize what you’ve done wrong
Finally I’ve given up I’m gone
I won’t be here when you come around
Because I’ve waited for too long

So when you close your eyes and count to ten
You’ll realize that I didn’t wait again
It took a while but I’ve made up my mind
And I’m not looking back this time

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