Come Back.

February 20, 2011
Although you broke my heart
And you tore it in two
I still came crawling back to you
Even though I knew it was wrong
I couldn’t let you leave me
In the dark

Was it that devilish grin or that look in your eyes
That smile that said "be mine"
I can't hold it against you
Because I feel it too
Come back over here
And we'll see what we can do

Just promise me that you'll try
To hold on to what we have
And to never let it die

Cause I don't wanna feel the way
I did when you left
Please promise you'll stay
And we'll never have to look back

You said we'd take the high road
And that we'd always last
You said that you'd change
But I knew it all along
Everything we had would soon be gone

All the lies you told
While the promises began to unfold
I knew things were changin'
I just hoped that you'd keep hangin' on
Why couldn’t you just hold me
And tell me that everything would be alright
I just want you here with me tonight

Baby please come back
I'll do my best not to let you down again
I know I've said it before
But I'll try my best to ignore
All of our broken promises
And the unfinished messages

I've written you letter after letter
Letting you know
That I was sorry and I didn’t want you to go
If you say you'll come back tonight
I'll never let you down again
I can see the honesty in your eyes <3

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