Choose Me

February 19, 2011
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I wish I could replay time
Just so that I could relive the last 6 months holding you so close
Close was all I needed.

And now that we’re going our separate ways
“I miss you” isn’t enough for me, I’ll never forget

The way you stare at me in class
The way you try to stop your laugh, you don’t want the world to hear

The way you forget who you are
The way you act like you don’t care
I know you do, always remember

I know one day the sun will shine
And they’ll all be waiting in line just to see your face

But who’s’ beside you, I don’t know
Who do you want beside you? Is it me?

You always portray the role of someone else
The lies you show the world, I don’t want them around

One day you’ll have to stop your pretending
One day, you’ll have to let someone in

Because if you leave me here, I’m not the one who’ll have regrets
I was there for you all along

Someday you’ll realize no one sees you like I do
And you’ll wish you’d chosen me.

So, while we're still here in this moment, love me and choose me.

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