Forgiving and forgetting

February 17, 2011
By Taylor Clark BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
Taylor Clark BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
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He see him walk through the dark of night,
he walks and walks until he sees a man that he can no longer stand.
He has taken his He wants to say sorry but cant make the words out.
The other looks up at him and says,” What we fighting for?”

He turns around and walks away, then the other guy says,” Hey,
that’s a long time ago man.” Lets start over he said.
The other guy said,” OK!” one little thing shouldn’t pull you away,
it should bring you to realize it was stupid to hate after all you have been through.

That’s how you learn you do stuff bad then
your sad but after all that you get used to it and move on
learning a new way of life and to not do that again.

You live and learn, you live and learn till the day comes again.

You live and learn as you meet a well, hated man in your life.

You live and learn to try and make it better.

Who knows you may just be the same.
You try to make it better and sometimes succeed
but other times fall through the seam and break what seems like the world.
But in fact life’s not over as you go on you come to meet a well-rounded person, no matter what the crime.

The author's comments:
I just feel like this piece resembles two people that they can over come adversity between friends. and iv done that in sports and with friends. its all about overcoming the adversity's.

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