Our Song

February 18, 2011
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Beautiful sunsets
And radiant smiles
We stole the nights, fearless and wild
Laughing while we gave our hearts away

Clever stories
And stupid fights
Singing and dancing, the time of our lives
Screaming the words to every song we knew

Those were the days that we’ll remember
The ones where our love never surrendered

Cause we knew we were in it together
And we stood proud and tall embracing forever
We took the world in our hands
And sang our song

Fallen down angels
And torn apart dreams
But I knew you would always stand by me
Mending my pain with your caring soul

There were days we wanted to just give up
Walk away cause we had given enough

But when I looked into your eyes
I knew we’d never compromise

And you said we’re in it together
It’s time we embraced our forever
Lets take the world in our hands
And sing our song

We survived those water fights,
Running through the woods,
Dead tired but never letting go

Laughing at our feet stuck in the sand,
Dreaming of that one romance

The songs we sang on the way to school,
The nights we talked, nothing else to do

Those times I will never forget

One day our time will arrive, we’ll belong
We’ll look to each other, proud and strong
That night we’ll stand arm in arm
And sing our song
We’ll sing our song

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