no reasons just questions

February 15, 2011
Why couldn’t you have stayed?
I would have done anything.
I would have made it work.
I was so young.
I was so alone.

Why did you even come back?
I was doing just fine without you.
I knew exactly who I was.
I was so strong.
I was so free.

Why do you think I can just forgive you?
I don’t even get to hear why.
I spent night crying for you.
I was so confused.
I was so angry.

Why did I hurt myself because of you?
I didn’t want to live anymore.
I wanted it all to go away.
I was so naïve.
I was so broken.

Why do you think I am going to be ok?
I am scarred to my core from your love.
I was once beautiful and innocent.
I am so empty.
I am so fragile.

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