Mystery of you

January 27, 2011
You always said we'd meet again

You always said you'd be here

You touch the deepest part of me

The places I could not save

Just tell me why I'm so dark inside

Somewhere, I will find

All the pieces torn apart, you just left behind

In your mystery

It's obvious you understand, the blood that's one my hand.

Paralyzed, I can't escape, me and you we share the same fate, so don't go because somewhere I will find all the pieces torn apart, the being you hide inside, in the mystery of you.(YOUR ALL I KNOW)

I can say your the only voice I can recognize, and all our broken memories and little promises now belong to you, and I can't walk away, not after loving you, since it won't just be the same.

I'll never be the same, I'm caught inside the memories that now belong to you, you let me in and then you disappeared, and I can't be the same, not after loving you I would never be the same.

Now you look into my eyes and say you can't remember, and how can I pretend I never knew you? like it was all just a dream, so stay, nothing compares to you, and I can't just walk away.

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pitzawonder said...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 6:31 pm
Funny, it looks just like Mystery of You by Red. One of my favorite bands...
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