The Crush

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Jenny folded her arms and frowned,
At her best friend Claire who was not making a sound.
Claire was normally as talkative as can be,
But now she was quiet because her crush was able to see.
Why must her best friend be so obsessed with boys?
She changed who she liked every day; today it was Troy.
Now that Jenny thought about it, everyone was obsessed.
Boys influenced the way girls acted, and even how they dressed!
Just as she thought about this, the new kid walked by,
and Jenny caught herself exhaling a very large sigh.
Sam was tall, tan, and oh-so-fine,
And for the first time ever Jenny thought, “I want him to be mine.”
The blonde-haired, blue-eyed hottie,
Decided to flirt, to be a little naughty.
Sam strutted up to Jenny,
And jokingly asked, “Hey Jenny, do you have a penny?
Because one more and I’ll have enough,
To take you out to do some really fun stuff.”
Jenny smiled and nervously twisted her brown curls.
Finally she responded, “I’ll have to find a dress and some pearls.”
As soon as Sam turned away,
She raced to find Claire blurting, “I got asked out today!”
Saturday night came in a hurry,
And Jenny ran around her house in a flurry.
Sam arrived at a quarter until eight,
And before she knew it, she was on her very first date!
The cool evening was full of fun and bliss,
Ending with a stroll through the park. It was her very first kiss.
Overnight Sam and Jenny became the new hottest pair.
Jenny noticed now that girls started scrutinizing her for whatever she would wear.
Besides this, Jenny enjoyed the new popularity,
And she grew to love Sam in all sincerity.
One day Jenny went to the mall with Claire,
To hang out and play silly games, such as truth or dare.
All of a sudden Claire grabbed Jenny’s hand.
“Why is Sam with Stacy Bland?”
Jenny’s eyes darted across the mall,
Where she spotted Sam with the blonde doll.
Relieved she said, “All he’s doing is buying her a Reese’s.”
But what Jenny saw next melted her heart to pieces.
HER Sam held Stacie close,
And playfully kissed Stacie on the nose.
Jenny marched over to Sam,
And the whole mall heard a loud, “Slam!”
Sam’s face now had a large dent,
Where Jenny’s anger definitely did vent,
Jenny grabbed Claire and left the mall,
Not looking back to see if Sam did fall,
Her head ached, and her insides felt like mush,
for she now knew why they called it a crush.

The author's comments:
You will always remember your first crush; the way your stomach had butterflies anytime they were near, and how much you would go out of your way to impress them. I've tried to capture this feeling in my poem and I hope you enjoy!

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