My Light

February 9, 2011
By , Cracow, Poland
The pretty little story starts on November 8th
When very pretty lady gave birth to little girl
You could've told it was just a stupid mistake
But the love of the mother worked out anyway

The whole family came to one room
And they wished you the best on your new road
But the future wasn't as bright as they promised
But I know you're the one who is the only one light
In my life

I remember the view of my daddy on the floor
I remember your tears and my helplessness
I know I was just five but believe me that this
Was the moment I swore I'll always make you proud

Then the verdict came out and they said you were guilty
But the truth was you were just fighting for our life
Glad you never gave up and you were just so strong
And I'm happy that this man's not in our life right now

The whole family came to one room
To apologize for not believing in you
And this was the moment that I knew that the future
May me as bright as they said in the past cause you're light
In my life

I love seeing you happy, never want you to cry
I love being your girl, never wanted to move out
I love being his sister, I love how you're so strong
And I hope that one day I might be just like you

Cause when you came to my room one night
We both cried and I felt like there's nothing more
That I wanna feel in my life cause you're all that
And I don't know if you know that I love you cause
You are the only one light, you are the only one light
In my life mom

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