Broken Lover

February 7, 2011
By sammy.ray SILVER, Jackson, New Jersey
sammy.ray SILVER, Jackson, New Jersey
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You lead me on then you turn me down
You lead me straight but you turned around
And you kept me going no end showing
Devil leading blind thought my mind was blowing
Up into bits and pieces like my heart
Was it good like Reese’s?

Thought you were cool
Thought you were different bruh
Funny how things turned out real itty, huh?

I know it’s all your fault
But I guess mine too
Had all the lines in the book
And I’m such a fool
To fall for you for the things you do

Played your games already once before
Broke my heart so good came back for more
And I allowed you in felt so dumb should listened to my friend
She was right about you but I defended you now look what you do?

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