A Fairytale Friendship

February 5, 2011
By SmallTownDreamer SILVER, Millersburg, Ohio
SmallTownDreamer SILVER, Millersburg, Ohio
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My chances of a fairytale story
Of Prince Charming sweeping in
To the rescue and to glory
Is a battle I’m not sure I’ll win.
But with you as my shining knight
The battle’s a promised loss
But it’s ok, it’s alright
It’s just another river to cross.
We’ll never have a palace;
You’ll always love the girl beside me
But there’s no pain nor malice
Cause I know you’ll always be near enough to see.
I know I’ll never be more
So I’ll just settle for a friend
You said you’d never close the door
So we’ll have a friendship without pretend.
Because losing your smile,
Forgetting your sparkling eyes,
Would take my heart longer than awhile
To form a happy disguise.
Romeo and Juliet we’ll never be
Yet secrets and long talks we’ll share
And anyone who looks will see
What we have is true and rare

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