Feelings Denied

February 5, 2011
By SmallTownDreamer SILVER, Millersburg, Ohio
SmallTownDreamer SILVER, Millersburg, Ohio
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I told them my side
Spoke the truth and never lied
Still the prosecutor would point at me and say,
“She’s a liar – make her pay!”

I watch my friends as one by one
From the witness stand they want to run,
Yet they tell their story:
“She cannot help it; she loves the boy.

She will not admit it,
But her feelings – they’re la’ jit.
They try to deny their amour,
But their eyes tell so much more.”

The jury breathes in every word.
These accusations against me are absurd!
The things my friends say must be a lie.
I know my feelings, don’t I?

Yet the prosecutor’s evidence is nailing,
And my attorney’s defense is failing.
The eyes of the court are on me, assuming
In my heart a love for this boy is looming.

As the trial moves on
My gaze to the diamond-eyed boy is drawn
Seeing the feeling in his eyes
My heart starts to finally realize.

As the verdict is read
My heart accepts the truth in what is said:
“In the case of Feelings Denied
This court finds you guilty and tried!”

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