sweet child of mine

February 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Hold back your tears sweet child of mine, i loved you once and never love again.

My life is bound to you forever. In my mind, I see nothing else nothing worthy to be kind.

Hold back your tears sweet child of mine.

I try so hard, always doing my best. Now I'm stuck here with all the rest.

Cry at night, and hold back the tears all day. Feeling no one has the answers and nobody knows quite what to say.

Hold back your tears sweet child of mine.

Cant depend on anyone, always having to lean on myself. I didn't want this for you so go off with your life. Make something of yourself and don't ever feel your not enough. Heres a twenty and a bible spend them wisely, they may not be much but their all i have to spare. I,d give you my last dime. your all ive got left. So don't let me down sweet child of mine.

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