No Knight

February 4, 2011
By Pinkthunder BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Pinkthunder BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
\"Always be yourself, because life is too short to be someone else.\"
-Step Up 2, The Streets

Only when you are around
Only when you are around
Do my feet feel no ground

Gold high-top converse
Laces in blue
Purple jeans and a white and black plaid tee too
Brown hair clipped back by a red band
When you're around my heart goes mad

I was sitting all alone
Wanted to be at home
And there you were sitting with friends in a grey tee and blue jeans
And I wonder,
When was being average cool?
Why do I like you?
What is wrong with me?

Now I am blushing a rose red
Cheeks show warmth
As my thoughts were about you

Chorus: You're no shining armor
You're no knight, no
You're no railing
To hold me upright, ohh
And I wish I knew how to get over you
Wish I knew
I wish I knew

Sure I love ya; But I know for me There is no chance at all
So how come I watch you
Watch you eat from a distance

Where will my feelings go next?
My heart can't be yours
Or I will be a mess


I need to get away
It is a brand new day
My heart will lead me on
Tell me if he is worth the fight
I know I won't get any sleep tonight

But even so,
In the end, I need to go home


I will make it step by step
If only I could walk again
I am too weak and fall all the time now
If you liked me back you'd save me as knight and my railing
But for now I'll only be saved
Saved in a fantasy

So good-bye
Good-bye my old lover of mine
I will now go look for a new guy

A guy who is shining armor
A knight, a knight, oh
A railing
That hold me upright, yeah
Plus someone who holds me tight
And kisses me day and night

Lover of my dreams
Please show
I am desperate
For love, oh oh oh!

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