January 31, 2011
We used to paint all the playgrounds
A pretty pastel green.
I asked, "Where do the kids go?"
You said they grew, I asked,
"What does that mean?"

You painted tables,
I painted stairs.
I asked, "When do they end?"
Then you started smiling,
And so I cried instead.

And you said, "I'm sorry you're so sad.
I can't help but be glad.
Cause when you're born so unaware,
You never have to care,
And when you're born so open-eyed, you never even cry."

Then you ran out of paint,
And I ran out of time,
But as long as we're running,
It means we're still alive.

Love, we're done, we're done for.
Love, we're done, we're done for.

I'm sorry you're so sad,
And I'm sorry I'm so bad.
In a world that can't discern
Between deaf and dumb and misheard,
I'm gone.
I'm gone.
In a world, I'm gone, I'm gone.

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