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Summer Nights

January 29, 2011
By Talitha BRONZE, Temple, Georgia
Talitha BRONZE, Temple, Georgia
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"All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars." -Oscar Wilde

These summer nights
Have got me sweating and shaking
And dreaming of the fights
We started on the boulevard.
Remember when you promised we'd go far?
Now life has passed us by,
I'm just a blip on the radar,
Watching the shooting stars.
Hoping for the train to come again,
I'll hop on and grab my friends,
And they'll be counting us like
Diamonds in the night sky tonight

Stop, let's go
We've got nothing to lose, but everything to show.
I've got my heart on my sleeve
And my mind in my pocket
And your face in my heart-shaped locket.

The signs we watch for are so far away
We're playing this by ear,
But baby there's nothing to fear
On these endless summer nights.

Another turn around baby,
One step closer to the daze
We dreamed about
When we were sittin on your couch
Just chillin out.
Big city lights make some suspicious
But it's makin me ambitious,
And baby I know you are, too.


Let's ignore all the safety laws,
It's a touch-and-go situation
If we wanna make it out of this town.
We don't need no education,
Just gotta make it big somehow.

Summer nights are for
Summer nights are for rockin out.


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