I Ask Myself

January 29, 2011
It was a chilling night
But the mood was right
We made a plan
And in our vans,
We began to run
Through the woods
We now understood
that we would
never be.

I wish we were free.
Without you, it feels like my hearts at sea.
So lets rest upon this tree,
And glance at the stars.

The memories of us leaves scars,
in my brain.
Laughing, to giggling to,
kissing in the rain.
I ask myself,
"How could I live with no you?"
Without you I feel sick with the flu.
We always been together
Like paper and glue.

With the moon rested in the middle of the sky,
I wish the days never flew by.
Now the moonlight has reach your face,
I can see the glimmer in your eye.
I give you my last embrace.
Then soon after my last goodbye.

I ask myself
"how could i live with no you?"
without you i feel sick with the flu.
we always been together
Like paper and glue.

In the morning, when we wake up.
Our love would pass over.
You will be over.
Us no longer lovers.
We would now be apart.
I wish we knew this from the start,
Before I fell in love with

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