I lay a rose

January 24, 2011
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I couldn't bare to see him
Lying there all alone
Nothing I could do
So much I wanted to say
Why does life have to
Be this way

The day has ended
My heart's still not mended
Not sure how long it's going to take
I'm filled with sorrow
Will hate tomorrow
I'm alone another day

Chorus: I can't stop thinking
Our family's broken
How will we move on
But it'll be okay
It's what you would have chose
So for you
I lay a rose

No matter what I'm choosing
I end up loosing
What am I to do
But the day is open
So here's hoping
You will guide me through


I guess you're doing good now
But I can't see how
So far from us down here
I suppose you're happy
You're with grandma, pappy
Still I shed a tear

Chorus X2

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