Best You Never Had

January 21, 2011
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So you want to live
So you want to be free
So you want to be happy
But you can't do that with me.

I see you lost yourself
I see she's back in the picture
You killed yourself
In a way; I kind of pictured this before.

I hope you're happy
But I hope you're sad
I hope you see now
I was the best, the best you never had.

I want you to bleed
I want her to eat you whole
I want you to see
I want to destroy your something beautiful - she's not even beautiful.

I see your walls are breaking down
The ones you once let me in, to
I love how she thinks she's won
You didn't pick a very smart one
Because clearly, I won.

Clearly, I won
I might have lost you and
What we had
But I don't want you back
You're a mess, you have
Her and keep her now
She's so bad
Because the second you turn around
She'll be tonguing someone else down.

Oh you picked a good one, didn't you? Ha.

So I hope you're happy
But I see you're sad
I bet you wonder
About me-

I was the best you never had.

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