January 17, 2011
By , Wilmington, MA
I have the greatest friends in the world
They are intelligent and I love their humor
Our personalities are similar; we always get along
We want to start a band; we like similar songs

But we always sit alone at lunch
And all the cool kids sit away from us, giving us blank stares
Nobody notices us
It’ like nobody cares

It’s been a few years now, since I’ve talked to them
I started hanging out with the cool kids; they are jealous
I think it’s because I lost some weight
Or maybe it’s because I ditched those losers that I hate

Now they sit alone at lunch
I sit away from them and everybody stares
Nobody notices them
But I don’t even care

I have so many friends now; they are dumb, but cool
I have a new girlfriend now; we break all the rules
My old friends wouldn’t smoke or drink; now I do it all the time
They were too wimpy for that; they think it’s a crime

Wait a minute…

They still sit alone at lunch
I’m a stupid jerk, it seems
Nobody notices them
They have no self-esteem

So now we sit alone at lunch
All the cool kids sit away from us, giving us black stares
Nobody notices us
But we just don’t care

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