January 18, 2011
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Come on now, don’t you see?
Everything you do is ruining me,
Every word I say is wrong,
Everything I know is False.
Come on now you’re killing me.

-killing me, You’re killing me!

Every time I turn around,
Something else you have found
Further condemns me.

-Further condemns me.

Every time I look away,
Another piece comes into Play,
In your game against me.

-Life’s game against me.

Come on now, don’t you see?
Slowly now, you’re pushing me…
The rain will Fall, so too will I,
I’ll fall and fall, no chance to Fly…

-Never will I Fly

Every time I walk out,
I hear your every scream and shout,
Your words wounding me,

-Wounding my heart

The only time I try to live my life,
I fade to grey and crimson paints your knife.
You have finally murdered me,

-How could this be?

So Come on now, I know you see,
All my life you’ve destroyed me…
Every step I took on burning coals,
Every wish I made were your goals,
And you’ve taken me…

-Taken control of Me.

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