I Am Gone

January 17, 2011
Blind to the cactus, pointy ends and all
Blind to the fragile bird, quiet was it's call
I was blind
The mirrors in the smoky room
Did not surpass my vision
I longed for you, still knowing soon
The walls were caving in
I was deaf
Deaf to the teardrops, violent falling rain
Deaf to the tracks, clanging with your train
I was deaf
Sideways glances out the door
Your breath begins to thicken
All the while I stand, you're torn,
You've forgotten how to listen
I was lost
Lost from those feelings, lost from the words
Lost from the one time I did not take my turn
I was lost
Shaky nervous hearts
Fingers separate one by one
I never thought to dart
You were gone, so now I'm done
I was gone
Gone from the colors, black and white were a start
Gone from the happy things, like music, love or art
I am gone

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