Take and Pass

January 15, 2011
By ThAtGuRl PLATINUM, Perris, California
ThAtGuRl PLATINUM, Perris, California
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Favorite Quote:
i believe things happen for a reason.people change so you learn to let go,things go wrong so you can appreciate them when thier right.you believe lies so you learn to trust no one but urself and sumtimes good things fall apart so bttr things can 2gthr

taking the short cuts
on my ride to death
But only doing it
To forget what hurts
Pointing my finger
At myself
But it was all of us
Cuase i can't take much
More of it
The steps I;m taking
Aren't up like stairs
What I'm building
Doesn't build up
But down like a ditch
Give me more to take
Give me more to breathe
Love puts you through alot
Enough to fall over the edge

The author's comments:
some lyrics how some people handle thier problems

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