Dru's Song

January 16, 2011
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Capo 5 for entire song

Verse chords: G Em C D
Looking at your history you’ve had it tough
Looking at your face you’ve had enough
Looking at you eyes, as you,
Start to cry

You don’t know how talented you are
In my sky you are my only star
As you rap your way into
My life

Chorus chords: G Em D G
I just want you to know
I just wanna show
If its too much to bear
Ill always be there

When the going gets tough
And you’ve had enough
If you need a shoulder to cry on
You know that I’m the one

You may sometimes be outshined
But I think the world must be blind
Not to see
What I do

Your like some sort of strange angel
And I can tell
Your someone, who needs someone
Like me


Middle 8
C Am G
If I had the world in my palm I wouldn’t take it
If you were upset I promise, I wouldn’t fake it
If I had you close I wouldn’t need a thing id make you, happy.


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