An Uphill Battle

January 8, 2011
Verse 1:
(girl singing)
I never seem good enough
I'll never be strong
The prayers never seemed to work
No matter how long

No words can measure
The mess I made inside
No apologies can handle
All the times that I've lied.

Through the drugs, the alcohol,
The lies I told myself,
The cutting and burning...
Never hurt quite enough.

Cause I need You here.
I need You now.
More than I have ever
Without a doubt.

Verse 2:
I'm sick of crying
I'm sick of the pain
But no matter the times
It's always stayed the same

Now slowly through the fog
Your face has gently appeared
You tell me so softly
That You've always been here.

Waiting for me patiently
Being ever so silent
Now knowing You're bigger than pain
You're my savior, My gentle giant.

You were there for me then
And You're here for me now
Like You always have and will be
Without a doubt.

But I feel a strong tuggling
It's gripping at my heart
Before I had a chance
The chaos began to start

(Girl starts screaming) (Satan growling in the background)

I thought about suicide today!
(You'll never be good enough!)
I thought about cutting!
(No one ever will care! )
But my GOD is here before me
(You're just so worthless.)
And this chaos will be stopping!
(How would you even dare)
You can't hold me down
(To get back up when I hold you down?!)
With my God lifting me up!
(Your life has been so pathetic)
You can't hurt me now.
(I'll put you in the dark, dirty ground.)

(Screaming Stops. Girl sings in gentle voice)

And now that I know
My Savior, My God
Will be with me always
I'm no longer flawed.

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