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January 14, 2011
By tony91155 BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
tony91155 BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
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Blue blue blue blue blue
I don’t gota clue
I like glue
It’s so good
I’m in the hood
Reading Robin Hood
It has too much blood.
I’m such in a bad mood.
My name is tony
I’m so happy
I’m not chubby
My hair is not nappy
It taste like candy
I do not like macaroni
I’m never lonely
I can be a bit phony
I always get a lot of money
I’m always a little stony
My sister name is Joni
She so skinny
She is bony
Like a minni me.
I always play my play station Sony
My sis always screams mommy!
She is such a dummy
But I like candy
Because it’s so yummy
For my tummy.
Now I’m so bored
Ima go draw on the chalkboard
Then go play with my sword
And pretend to be a LORD
Then ima go post this on my music record
And go x ray my spinal cord
Then go bust a new world record
Ima go make some food and slice it on the chopping board
Watch out cause the sword is coming forward you (:

The author's comments:
cause i was listening to music at the time

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