Worse Case Scenario

January 11, 2011
More screams,
More lies
Days go by,
And I'm still wonderin' why,

I go near,
You go far,
Will my wounds heal my numerous scars,

I run for the door,
You force me to stay,
I had a chance to win,
But you still wanted to play,

I held the gun,
The trigger stayed,
I tried to fight,
But I needed a break,

Worst case scenario,
I went left,
But you wanted to go,
This isn't a maze,
Not a game with a cheat,
You thought you would win,
But all you got was defeat,

(Guitar solo)

Downward spirals,
Ruptured dreams,
Calls for mercy,
Silenced screams,


Now you open your eyes,
And look to the right,
Nothing is there but the rising rays of sunshine,

Stop your begs,
I've won the fight,
A long time ago,
I said goodnight and goodbye.

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