A Flaming Piece Of Art

January 4, 2011
Fall apart fall apart
Like a flaming piece of art
I strive each day to forgive
The mockery and jeer you give
But despite all my extraordinary efforts, I cannot see.
Why you react so violently to me.

I strum these chords in your honor but I doubt you appreciate.
The sacrifice and horror that I oh so do hate,
The teams of fiends and titans I fought desperately through,
Just so I could deliver this song to you.

You and I we’re thunder and lightening, we are dynamite and a flame.
And I’m aware that the rest of world is aware we’re not the same
You just collect up all my love and you dump it down the drain,
This is your last chance, for romance, you cannot afford to feign
No more hesitation, these words are nothing but true
This is me submitting my final invite to you.

One two three, then combust.
It’s the one thing I’ve learned to trust.
I give and throw and pour to you
My sentiments in the pew
But god’s jurisdiction seems limited this time,
I can’t hold it any longer FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! Just be mine.

Decay and fray; oh sweet disarray
Look what you have done!
We could have had the world; this could have been fun,
But you let fear and all of your damn insecurity
Interfere with any hopes of happiness and glee.
Time is forever but the clock: it’s not immortal.
Not long until the hour glass’s bottom half is full.

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Johninmymind said...
Nov. 3, 2011 at 12:03 am
This is amazing! I can feel your anger through the screen. Is it about a love of yours or one you never got to have?
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