Saving Grace

January 8, 2011
By jesusfreak43235 SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
jesusfreak43235 SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
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The One from Galilee,
Set my soul free,
I will live for eternity,
In front of His beauty,

He paid the ultimate price,
The perfect sacrifice,
And carried my sins,
With a crown of pins,

I am one He chose,
And in the world’s close,
He will call my name,
To that place of fame,

Predestined am I,
Though I don’t know why,
Awesome I won’t deny,
To see those who fly,

The streets will be gold,
And I will behold,
The trumpets roar,
As I meet those who came before,

And I’ll know each by name,
Won’t that be insane,
To meet those of old,
And tell them I’m heard their story told,

Hi David,
You were a brave kid,
Right from the start,
You were a man after God’s own heart,

Hey Elijah,
You saw Jehovah,
In the whisper of wind,
And you didn’t die in the end,

And then I see Christ,
Who took my heart by heist,
I fall to my face,
Cuz He saved me by grace,

His majesty is overwhelming,
I lose track of timing,
When He speaks my name,
I have no shame,

Lord, You came to my rescue,
Though I had none to offer You,
So I gave You my all,
And You saved me from the fall.

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